10 Alzheimer's Warning Signs

As we age our body and mind go through certain changes and therefore a change in our memory seems to be normal too. Seniors may often have troubles with remembering things. However, if memory problems begin to affect their lives seriously, then they should be careful and seek the help because these problems could be early signs od Alzheimer’s disease. There are ten warning signs that are typical for Alzheimer’s disease, and although the number of these symptoms and their intensity may vary, it is of immense importance to identify them and ask for help.

1. Memory changes and memory loss

The change in memory and forgetting recently acquired information is one of the first signs of early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. The signs that may also imply to this are forgetting important events and dates, asking for the same information repeatedly many times, using reminders and other memory aids or asking the members of the family for help to remember some basic things, etc.

2. Problems with planning and abstract thinking

Some people with Alzheimer’s disease many experience changes in their ability to perform complex mental tasks and they may face difficulties with remembering numbers and how to use them. Such people may also have troubles with taking care of monthly bills, creating plans and following them, remembering and following simple recipes and many other things.

3. Difficulties with performing everyday tasks

People suffering form Alzheimer’s disease often have troubles with planning and completing some simple daily activities. They may forget how to come to a familiar location, how to prepare a favorite meal, make a telephone call, play a game, etc.

4. Confussion with place and time

People with this disease may often forget where they are and how they managed to come to that place. They may not know how to return home, and they may also forget what the day of the week it is and lose track of the passage of time.

5. Difficulties with understanding spatial relationships and visual images

One of the frequent symptoms of Alzheimer disease is the problem with vision and visual processing. In such cases, people may have difficulties with judging distance, reading, determining contrasts and colors.

6. Misplaced things and inability to find them

Individuals with this disease may put things in various places unusual for them and then forget where they have placed them. It is not uncommon that in such occasions they accuse other people of stealing and this often gets worse with time.

7. Speaking and writing problems

These problems involve forgetting simple, frequently used words and their substitution with more complex or unusual ones which makes people with Alzheimer’s unable to understand others, follow and lead the conversation in a normal way. They may often repeat themselves or stop in the middle of the conversation without any idea how to continue. Sometimes it may be very hard to understand their speech and writing.

8. Decreased ability to judge clearly

Changes in judgment are also characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease. Those who suffer from it may have troubles with keeping themselves clean and well-dressed. They may not have a clear judgement when they are dealing with money or making important decisions.

9. Changes in personality, mood and behavior

People with Alzheimer’s will often change their nature and the way of how they behave. They will face with sudden shifts in mood and become sad, suspicious, depressed, anxious, upset or confused quickly and without any particular reason.

10. Withdrawal from social activities and work

The last but not the least symptom of this disease is that a person suffering from it may avoid social activities and gatherings, being at work and simply being surrounded by other people, because of the changes they are passing through. They will neglect their hobbies, favorite sport, and any social event and sleep more and become more passive than usually.

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15 Dec 2016