Assisted Living vs Living Alone

Many seniors fight to stay at home with their loved ones for as long as possible before being moved to a community. This may be due to the fears and misconceptions that surround senior living. There are those who fear their loved ones will forget them or that they may lose their independence when they go to a facility. But none of this is true. With modern assisted living communities, seniors are enjoying a better quality of life as they age. Not only do these communities provide a better environment for them but also improve their quality of life and overall happiness than living at home.

Senior living is less expensive

Living with a senior at home can turn out to be very expensive. Forget the typical home expenses like utilities, fees and repairs, living with an elderly person may mean providing nursing care, medical costs and even renovations to ensure your home is safe.

Lack of community interaction

People living alone can quickly sink into depression. It’s worse for a senior who feels like he/she is not contributing to the society and has no one to socialize with. Assisted living communities ensure that seniors live very active social lives by engaging with residents and staff, participating in indoor and outdoor programs that keep them involved. Some allow seniors to work with kids, NGOs and other organizations. This helps them to feel like they are still in-touch with the rest of the world unlike living alone.

They maintain physical activity and mental stimulation

When living alone, seniors can often stay sited or sleeping all day because they lack the motivation to do anything. This is often not the case when they are moved to an assisted living community. The residents interact with each other engaging in workouts, games and other physical activities to keep their blood circulation flowing. This is not only good for their health but also for great for their mental well-being.

Socialization is common in senior living

Living alone is likely to turn seniors into antisocial beings. When they are taken to a community, they tend to engage with people who have similar interests. They may not want to attend social events at home but will be very active in a community where they are encouraged to remain independent and interact with others in similar circumstances. The great opportunities to socialize helps seniors live a better quality of life.

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15 Dec 2016