Choosing the Best Assisted Living Community

Assisted living communities are a great option for seniors and disabled individuals who need more help in carrying out daily living activities but would still like to maintain their independence. There are plenty of these communities across the country. Choosing the best community will ensure your friend will have the best living experience that you can afford. Assisted Living communities will give potential residents and family members a tour of the facility to make it easier to make the decision. Some of the things to look out for include:

Proper staffing

Proper staffing is necessary if you want the peace of mind in knowing your loved one is well cared for. You should be on the lookout for adequate staffing within the facility. You should schedule your tour of the facility around lunchtime where you get to see how the staff handles various residents including everyone getting their meals on time and so on. Proper staffing is not only about numbers but also professionalism. Look out for staff that are genuinely friendly, speaking patiently with the residents, interacting with them freely, and handling emergencies well.

Happy residents

You can tell a lot about the assisted living facility by the faces of the residents who live there. Check if the residents appear genuinely happy, you can even ask them a couple of questions about their experience there to know more about the facility. Happy residents also have access to entertainment, learning and fitness facilities that help them maintain an active lifestyle even while living in the facility so be on the lookout for these too.


Cleanliness is an important factor in assisted living communities. Individuals with chronic illnesses and age related conditions might have low immunity making them prone to illness from a dirty environment. Cleanliness is a big deal. The environment should be clean, safe and secure. Bathrooms should be easily accessible, well-prepared and healthy meals and proper housekeeping services. Residents should also have a quick and easy way to contact the staff in case of emergencies.

When shopping for an Assisted Living Community, it is important to keep a holistic living experience in mind for your loved one. Ensure that the facility provides not only physical care but an intellectually and socially nourishing environment for your loved one.

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11 Feb 2017