Guide To Choosing Assisted Living

When you decide to take your loved one to an assisted living community, you obviously want them to have the best. Having a complete, active and balanced life is important to any senior. Perhaps you may want to consider the following aspects when choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one.

What kind of atmosphere is offered?

Visit the facility and take a tour to determine whether your loved one will be happy and comfortable in that atmosphere. Do you like the location? Has the facility decorated the area making it look like home? Check whether the staff are friendly and welcoming. How do they interact with other residents? Find out if the residents socialize with each other. Ask if they allow family members to visit their loved ones at any time. You can even ask about the kind of residents in the facility to determine whether they would be appropriate housemates for your loved one.

Is it well designed for his/her needs?

You want to take your loved one to a community that has all the physical features your loved one needs. For instance, the floor plan should be easy to follow. It should have doorways, hallways or even rooms that you can maneuver easily with a wheelchair or walker. Find out if there are elevators which can be used for those who are unable to use the stairs. Check if the floors are designed using slip-resistant surfaces and the carpets are firm to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. Other aspects like the level of cleanliness, ventilation and security features are very important.

Review the policy

Will they offer a contractual agreement that entails every aspect of the service rendered? The contract should include the costs, admission and discharge policy, all the fees and refunds/transfers. Do they do prior assessment before admitting a resident? This helps to determine the needs of that resident and services that would be important to him/her.

Ask about the services offered

Find out what needs will be met by the staff of that community. Will they provide 24/7 assistance with activities such as eating, dressing, grooming, toileting and bathing? Will housekeeping services be offered? Also find out if transportation, medical assistance, exercise, physical therapy services are offered on-site. Ask if the services must be scheduled or can also be offered on a short notice such as transportation. Most importantly, ensure the facility has the right staff in good numbers to meet those needs.

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14 Dec 2016