How Much Will You Pay for Assisted Living?

One of the greatest issues of concern when looking for an assisted living community is how much it will cost you. Many people compare the cost of assisted living to staying with their loved one at home. In many cases, the cost of assisted living is significantly lower to at-home health care costs. Below are a few factors that will determine the cost of senior living.

Local supply and demand

In most remote areas, senior living will cost a lot more. This is because there are so many seniors in the area and so the demand is high. In urban areas where the cost of living is high, the facility is likely to charge more because of staff salaries and other factors. It’s wise to choose the location of a senior living facility wisely bearing in mind that it will also determine the cost.

Size of apartment

The type of apartment that you choose for your loved one will also determine the price you pay. Communities have studio apartments, 2 bedroom apartments and other living arrangements to provide a home-like environment for their residents.

Level of care offered

Not all facilities offer the same level of care. There are those that will only provide the activities of daily living such as toileting, dressing, eating and mobility among others. Others will charge more because they help in medical management, provide physical therapy, social activities, outdoor fun and trips including other special treatments.

Are there any additional fees?

Some communities will charge non-refundable fees for things like administrative duties or deposits. Some will charge for having to renovate the resident’s apartment prior to moving in.

Utilities offered

The resident will be charged for utilities such as phone and cable. Some facilities will offer a fixed rate for things like electricity, air conditioning, heaters and maintenance of repairs needed from time to time.


Most assisted living communities will include 3 standard meals in their total rate. However, if your loved one requires a special diet or extra meals, you are likely to pay more.

Personal care

There are some seniors who will require household help or personal care while living in the community. You are likely to be charged per hour when hiring this kind of help. Ask about the policy when rendering this kind of service so that you are not billed heavily for them without your knowledge.

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15 Dec 2016