Questions To Ask When Reviewing an Assisted Living Community

Are you looking for a suitable assisted living facility for your loved one? It is important to be well prepared with the right questions and find a suitable facility for him/her to call home. Each facility is different in terms of the services offered and even the type of residents that it mostly attracts. Here are a couple of questions you might want to ask when choosing an assisted living community that’s ideal for your loved one.

Are you adequately staffed?

It’s important to find out if the facility has a good staff to resident ratio. This means that your loved one will get the best attention and help whenever there is a need. Find out how many staff are on duty per night and whether they have the qualifications to administer medicines. Most importantly, make sure the facility has staff with the experience and training to take good care of your loved one.

Do you have experience handling certain conditions?

If your loved one has a condition such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, it’s important to find out if the facility is capable of handling him/her. Find out what kind of experience they have handling the issue. If you are not sure whether your loved one has a specific issue, find out if the facility performs assessment before admissions. Assessments are important because they help one to determine the services or special needs that the resident will require on their stay.

What type of apartments are available and what are their charges?

Assisted living communities usually have different kinds of accommodation options for residents. You can get studio apartments, private homes or even shared spaces that vary in size and cost. Choose depending on your loved one’s needs as well as the cost. Also find out if they have an outdoor space where residents can interact.

What is your discharge policy?

Find out what will be required when you want to remove your loved one from the facility. There are facilities that will only discharge the resident upon notification from the health care provider or a family member.

Anya additional services offered?

Facilities can offer so many extras including wellness and exercise programs, social activities, transportation, laundry and housekeeping among others.

Do you have a waiting list?

Most well-known facilities have a list of people who are waiting to occupy any space that turns up vacant especially when they are full. Understand their policy in order to determine if it works for you.


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14 Dec 2016