Senior housing and care options

Aging is the time which carries a lot of beautiful moments, but it is also the time of adaptation and significant changes. Elderly persons have to think about everything that retirement involves and what options they have. They should think about what is that they want and what are their needs and how they may evolve over time so that they could bring the right decision and ensure their thriving as they get older.

No matter whether they just want to change the style of their lives or their medical condition requires a special care there are many options available, and they can choose from various types of senior housing that can provide them with many commodities and ensure them a healthy, happy, appropriate and fulfilling home environment.

Depending on their needs and financial situation, they may choose from independent living communities, assisted living communities, nursing homes, home care, and many other options available.

Independent living communities

Independent living communities are special facilities created for seniors who demand little or no assistance at all with all their daily life activities. These communities usually offer many healthcare services. They also provide seniors with the services such as meals, housekeeping and laundry and they include market rate or rental assisted apartments and nicely arranged cottages which are designed in such way to allow residents to lead an independent lifestyle and have a full choice in the participation in services, programs, and forms of entertainment that such communities offer.

Assisted living communities

Assisted living is a long-term option that is a combination od housing and numerous support and health care services that the user may need. It is created for those individuals who are unable to live on their own and who need assistance with ordinary everyday activities such as meals, bathing, dressing, transportation, medication, etc. Some individuals may suffer from memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s, or have problems with mobility and many other things and such people usually require special care and help all the time, and that is something that they can get in these assisted living communities.

Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes or Skilled Nursing Communities provide day-and-night skilled nursing care for the older adults who require a high level of medical care and assistance. They provide care either of chronic conditions or short term convalescent or rehabilitative care, the latter including physical occupation, a variety of rehabilitation programs and therapies. These special treatments may often be expensive, and they represent one of the main concerns for families, but a social worker can help in such situations.

Home care

Home care is the option that allows the seniors to stay in their homes but to receive all the assistance they need so that they may function normally. Such assistance may include help with dressing, bathing, preparation of the meals, transportation, moving around, etc. Some home care services also offer emotional support to the older adults and provide them with the necessary companionship. All of them range from once a week to all-day care, depending on the individual needs of every client.

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15 Dec 2016