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10 Alzheimer's Warning Signs


As we age our body and mind go through certain changes and therefore a change in our memory seems to be normal too. Seniors may often have troubles with remembering things.... Read full article

What is Alzheimer’s disease


Alzheimer’s disease was first recorded and described by doctor Alois Alzheimer in 1907 and then named after him. It is a physical disease and the most common form of dementia that affects the brain and gradually causes the formation ...... Read full article

Dementia Care Guide


Dementia is not a single disease; it is a general term used to describe a broad range of symptoms associated with the decline of cognitive abilities, the decline in memory and other skills of thinking that are severe enough to ...... Read full article

Senior Flu Prevention


Flu is a contagious viral illness that spreads primarily through the release of viral particles when an infected person sneezes or coughs, or when a healthy person touches the object that is contaminated with the virus and the germs from it ...... Read full article

Elderly Dehydration


Dehydration refers to the excessive loss of water which leads to the disruption of the normal body’s functions. Dehydration occurs when a person loses more fluids than he/she takes in.... Read full article